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Deb Vernon, Psychologist &
Public Speaker

Improve corporate morale by providing groundbreaking tactics to employees to help them strengthen mental health. The outcome is a workplace with increased productivity, who work wholeheartedly to strengthen the company and its culture.

Mind Games

Mind Games

Discovering how to rewire your brain.

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Improving relationships at home and work

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Deb is an experienced, professional psychologist who truly understands how to connect with people. She can break down large topics into manageable, bite-sized pieces and communicate them clearly to any audience, so that they can understand and benefit from her message.

Sheila Williams
Corporate Trainer

Deborah is a passionate communicator. She listens with intent and then delivers a well-timed heartfelt message that you know was well researched.

Mark Kuntz
Youth Pastor and University of Alberta Bachelor of Education student

I enjoy her presentation skills. She has a unique way of simplifying complicated subjects.

Brian Lucas
Retired Civil Servant


When you need to create change,
“kick the log and the water will flow”
- Milton Erickson, MD

Deb is available for Corporate Speaking Engagements.